Moodle is the online format and service network utilized by USA Montessori and many online major colleges and universities. Moodle is the "gateway", or portal rather, to an online learning environment whereby all the USA Montessori courses can be located and accessed; interaction is facilitated between students and their instructors via course-specific discussion forums and specialized chat rooms; student profiles are maintained; student gradebooks can be accessed; online resources are readily available; and more. While anyone can set up a Moodle account and peruse Moodle, only admitted students are able to choose courses from the Moodle Course Catalog and gain access to those courses. If you are an admitted student by a PayPal subscription (including the free trial), a winning eBay auction, scholarship or other formal means, please proceed with setting up your Moodle account by clicking the yellow "m" to the left and following the directions for "Is this your first time here?" and "Create new account." The Moodle system will instantaneously send a link to the email address you specify and this link will confirm your Moodle account. You may enter Moodle and choose your courses beginning with PE501, PE502, PH501 and PH502. Please contact us if you require assistance. Please provide your phone number in your email so that we may call you and talk you through the process.