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What's Included With My Subscription?

1.  Online Courses:  Peace Education I, Peace Education II, Philosophy I, Philosophy II and the Album Building Series of Online Workshops in which participants build their own teaching manuals appropriate for a 6-9 classroom.

2.  The following eLibrary is instantly available to you for download and consists both of course-required books and supplemental materials (the books marked with an asterisk denote those studied in our program--others are optional reading):

Maria Montessori:  Her Life and Work by E. M. Standing *

The Guide to the Montessori Method by Ellen Yale Stevens

The Absorbent Mind by Dr. Maria Montessori *

The Montessori Manual by D. Canfield

The Montessori Method by Dr. Maria Montessori *

Montessori Children by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey

Pedagogical Anthropology by Dr. Maria Montessori *

The Psychology of Auto Education by Dr. Maria Montessori *

Montessori Mother by Dorothy Canfield Fisher

Montessori Schools by J. White 

The New Children by Sheila Radice

3.  The opportunity to build your own teaching manuals, based on examples that are given to you. 

4.  Lifelong Continuing Education for USAM program grads;  free enrollment in any future courses that become available and unlimited "refresher" opportunities.

5.  Lifetime membership to the USA Montessori community of global educators and partners in the betterment of children's education worldwide.

6.  Certificates of Completion with the completion of every individual course, and a Program Diploma with completion of diploma requirements.


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