Last Update 04/15/2012


"My children currently attend Princeton Community Family Learning Center, whose staff is directly affiliated and trained by USA Montessori, and I must say that their professionalism, commitment to early education, and willingness to go the extra mile to always provide my children with a superior learning experience is like nothing I've ever seen.  It's great to know that there's a training program in the world that is still committed to instilling such values in their students and future teachers."  (Jane M., Mother of Children in Classrooms of USAM-Trained Teachers, 2012)


"...I know the Director of this online training program personally, and she not only teaches the Montessori method, she lives the Montessori method. There is no hypocrisy here.  The love for Montessori education is genuine."  (Anand M., Princeton University Professor, 2011)


"The course on Peace Education provided by USA Montessori is a much needed opportunity that I have been looking for for a long time... The topics are vital for an educator like me to know and 'live'."  (Peace I Graduate 2005)


"I can truly say that the information I learn in this online education leads me to various discoveries and equips me with the power to unleash more possibilities of fostering knowledge beyond the four corners of the classroom."  (Philosophy I Graduate 2005) 


"the course discussion allows for an in-depth examination as to how I view PEACE in the light of my own personal experiences, the impact that I create on the children I teach, the beauty of my chosen profession as a teacher and the present educational approach and whether or not these methods cater to fostering learning so that it embodies the need of the whole person to grow in all areas of development without neglecting to nurture his spirit."  (Peace II Graduate 2006)


"This online course is both timely and crucial. I am further informed that intellectual prowess should be balanced by a compassionate heart and a loving spirit. I am convinced (like Montessori) that giving the right education to its children is the best place to start. I will be able to share this  knowledge with the teachers I train. I know there is still a long way to go this side of the globe but the essence of peace embedded in every educator's heart makes me feel that seeing a future, even in a place torn by a sad past is not that elusive after all."  (Philosophy II Graduate 2006) 


"On USA Montessori: I am thankful to the ambassadors of Peace who thought of this great idea of offering courses like this for free, you epitomized the real PEACE that is within you by doing a great service to the educators around the world. The work of your hand will yield results far greater than you could possibly imagine.

Thank you so MUCH!!"  (Peace II Graduate 2007)