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Teaching for Peace with Cathleen (click to view Cathleen's peace-promoting products)

Every once in a great while, I stumble upon a great person.  Rather that dismiss it as chance, I tend to believe that everything happens for a reason.  The founder of the beautiful and awe-inspiring "Teaching for Peace" curriculum, Cathleen, is one such person.  It wasn't until Cathleen humbly shared with me her great work that an "Aha!" moment came over me.  For, Cathleen and I met so that the USA Montessori might benefit from her truly peace-embracing and peace-promoting work.  When it comes to classroom materials; well, quite frankly most are not very novel, and certainly not moving, once you've spent as many years in education as many of us have.  However, Cathleen's materials are not only a GREAT VALUE, they are capable of planting the seeds of change for the peaceful, caring, gentle human race we all so desperately desire for our children.  Cathleen's is a curriculum that will warm your heart as you share it with your classroom children; a curriculum you'll be proud to share with parents; and one that future generations of humankind will be happy Cathleen shared with us.


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